Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grief to Joy

My head turns down
All alone

One more sad thing to remember
One more last hope
One more pain that grows

All alone sitting in quiet
The touch a tale
To escape this pain

A escape to feel happy
To a place I read
Take a look at something new
To make my pain disappear
To share in a dream of another
To learn to be hopeful

Hope spreads
A positive affliction

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Always In Memory

Always in memory of stories of beating, humiliation
Repeat over in our minds
The long forgetten bitter taste of tears

Always in memory of the tales of destruction
A child, too light, still breathing
A mother with no more tears to shed
A father with no more care
Families lingering between life and

Always in memory the dazzling white faces
Where hope no longer lies
Withering before our eyes

Always in memory of the hidden world
No horrors of the night instead
But horrors devoured us, consumed us
No longer a place to hide

Always in memory of stories impossibly long
Left us breathless
Remembering it always in the back of the minds

Always in memory of the darkness